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Why does my dog try to chew his foot?

Why does my dog try to chew his foot?

(Q) My dog regularly tries to chew his foot while relaxing. There never appears to be anything stuck in it. Why does he do this?

(A) Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith says: There may be many reasons why a dog starts to lick or chew at his feet. While relaxing, a dog will spend some time on self-care but this should not be persistent, should not cause discolouration or damage to the skin, hair, or nails, and you should be able to interrupt this behaviour easily by distracting him.

If he spends prolonged periods licking or chewing then you should talk to your vet as he could have a problem such as an underlying allergy causing his feet to be itchy and irritated. Another cause for this could be stress so think about your dog’s behaviour in general; does he struggle to cope with any particular scenarios? Does he use the evenings to relax after a challenging day? If so, again your vet may be able to recommend a behaviourist to help resolve these issues.

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