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Winter tick warning for UK pet owners

Winter tick warning for UK pet owners

A large number of UK pet owners are unaware of the potentially fatal risk of ticks in the winter.

A recent survey by FRONTLINE® Plus found that half of UK pet owners aren’t aware that ticks are a risk in the winter, and a third of owners aren’t protecting their pets from getting a tick during the colder months.

The mild UK winter weather has created the perfect environment for ticks, which can survive freezing temperatures and are active when temperatures are as low as 3.5°C. With tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease on the rise and the recent cases of potentially fatal canine babesiosis, pet owners need to take action.

Ticks can be found all over the UK with typical places including deciduous and coniferous woodland, heathland, moorland, rough pasture, forests, urban parks and even garden shrubberies. Pet owners are therefore warned to take extra precautions when going on Christmas family walks to reduce the risk to their pets.

TV vet Dr. Scott Miller, who has partnered with FRONTLINE Plus to raise awareness of the issue, commented, “I have seen an increasing number of dogs come to my practice requiring tick-related treatment in recent years, and it’s a huge concern that so many pet owners aren’t aware that ticks are a risk in the winter. With serious tick-borne diseases like canine babesiosis being potentially fatal to dogs, action needs to be taken to make sure owners are treating their pets every four weeks, all year round, with a product that kills ticks, such as FRONTLINE Plus.”

Tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease can affect both humans and pets. Canine babesiosis can be fatal to dogs and recent cases have been reported during the winter months.

UK pet owners can help protect their pet from ticks by treating them with FRONTLINE Plus every 4 weeks, all year round. FRONTLINE Plus kills the three most common species of tick found in Europe. It doesn’t stop ticks from attaching but it kills them within 48 hours, helping to minimise the risk of disease transmission.

For more information, visit the FRONTLINE website.

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