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Six top tips to keep your dog safe this Halloween

Keep your dog safe this Halloween

Halloween is filled with excitement and fun, but it's important not to forget your dog's needs and safety in the chaos of it all. Here are our top tips.

1. Hide sweets and chocolate

Just like Christmas, on Halloween there's likely to be lots of sugary foods knocking about, whether they're by your front door ready for the trick-or-treaters, or your child has come home with a stash of them. Be careful about where you keep them and if your dog does eat anything he shouldn't, make sure you take him to the vet immediately, before it gets well into his digestive system.

2. Be wary of trick-or-treaters

Dogs don't understand why little people dressed up as ghouls and witches are ringing your doorbell on Halloween night. Most dogs want to protect their families, and it can be easy to understand why many dogs will see trick-or-treaters as a threat and want to bark at them, or worse. If you can, keep him in a quiet room of the house and have the TV on at a volume which drowns out the noise. Consider switching off your doorbell (if you can), as a knock on the door shouldn't be as loud.

3. Walk your dog in the day

If your dog is usually walked in the evening, consider taking him out earlier in the day so he avoids the trick-or-treaters. It is important that your dog gets walked and his exercise routine isn't just avoided, because the more exercise he has in the day, the less stressed and anxious he should feel at night.

4. Be careful the next day

Some people like to throw eggs and flour on Halloween evening and there could be sweet wrappers or half-eaten chocolates on the floor the day after Halloween, so be careful when you take him for a walk.

5. Beware of choking hazards

Make sure that choking hazards are also kept out of your dog's reach. Fancy dress objects, such as false teeth, or even costumes with small parts, can cause serious problems if ingested. Again, make sure your dog goes to the vet immediately if you think he's swallowed something.

6. Keep lit pumpkins out of the way

An overenthusiastic wag of a tail may be enough to swipe a pumpkin off a coffee table, so it's best that lit pumpkins are kept well out of the way. You can even buy little torches that look like candles which you can place inside the pumpkin, giving the same effect.