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Siccaro WetDog drying robe review

Siccaro WetDog

Alison Queenborough put the WetDog to the test with her black Labrador, Tolley.

"Our morning walk involves a stretch of river and, at any time of year, our Labrador, Tolley, finds a quick dip and a swim irresistible. During the summer I can understand the lure of cooling off, but mid-winter I think she is mad. She clearly adores water, but I’m not so keen on the wet dog — and often the accompanying mud which gets brought back indoors on our return.

"I have always tended to towel all our dogs down right from pups and they clearly get used to it and seem to anticipate being dried off. The Siccaro WetDog drying robe has been as much of a treat for me as for her, as it lessens my housework! Think how much you enjoy snuggling into a bathrobe after a shower – it must seem pretty much the same for your dog.

"Although Tolley was initially wary of actually wearing something (remember she’s used to a quick and probably rough towelling down), she soon became accustomed to the WetDog. Perhaps a week’s holiday break in Yorkshire where it rained every day helped.

"It’s so easy to fit over her head and bring the straps around the tummy to clip together. And it does what it says: it almost became a bit of fun seeing how quickly she dried, and marvelling at where all the water went when you removed the coat.

"I really do think she didn’t smell as much, so perhaps the claim about the antibacterial properties do work. Incidentally, that week away, the WetDog was left in the car the whole time when not in use, and it didn’t stink (neither did the car) — unlike that unmistakeable aroma of 'wet doggy towel'.

"I found the separate dry gloves an invaluable addition as you pop them on (they look like oven mitts) to dry her legs off – they absorb an amazing amount of water. They were also a brilliant and quick way to dry down my little terrier, who muscled in wondering why she didn’t have a new coat to lunge around in. Guess what’s on her Christmas list this year!

"The coat and the mitts washed up really well on a 30-degree wash, and dried overnight hung on a clothes airer, ready to go again. Admittedly the coat is more expensive than other coats available but it is extremely well made, and looks like it will last sufficiently long enough to get great value out of the initial investment. Also I firmly believe if you dry your dog off after wet walks, it helps them no end into their old age with less aching joints — nearly all of our dogs have lived to exceptionally ripe old ages and been sprightly right until the end."

Siccaro’s WetDog™ drying robe is a super-efficient dog drying coat that removes 80 per cent of moisture from a dog’s saturated fur within 15 minutes. It can be used after walks in wet conditions; after exercising your dog in long, damp grass; and at the beach. It’s great for muddy doggy play dates and can also be worn in the car or when you go back into your home to minimise mess.

The specially invented, super-absorbent viscose lining absorbs up to 11 times its own weight in water. The outer organic bamboo layer gives the WetDog™ drying robe antibacterial properties, not only eliminating unpleasant ‘wet dog smells’, but keeping your dog warm and comfortable after exercise.

The cleverly designed FlexLock™ Clip secures the belly flap of the coat and can be operated with a single hand. WetDog™ is easy to care for and can be machine-washed at 30 degrees when it becomes dirty. Available in a choice of four colours and seven sizes to fit all dogs, from toy to giant breeds and everything in between, the WetDog™ coat can be used in conjunction with Siccaro’s DryGloves™ and FlexDog Mat™ for a total drying system.

Here's how to fit a Siccaro WetDog drying robe...

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