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Reasons we're happy it's spring!

Jack Russell

Everything seems so much better in the spring – the days are longer and warmer and there's flowers everywhere! Here's our favourite things about the new season...

Longer days – it's staying lighter much longer now, which means evening dog walks actually take place in daylight!

Spring flowers – tulips, daffodils, crocuses – they all make everything look so pretty! (just be careful of any poisonous or spiky plants - read more here.)

Warmer weather – not having to bundle up in layers and layers of clothes against the cold is so liberating.

Plenty for your dog to sniff out – spring in the air means there's plenty of animals coming out of hibernation, so there'll be lots of new smells for your dog to sniff out!

Longer walks – as the weather turns brighter, you'll feel more like going out for longer walks, or go further afield.

Al fresco dining (and drinking!) - with the better weather, there's more opportunity to wander down to your local pub and sit outside with your dog.

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