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Money saving advice for dog owners

It’s no secret that owning a dog is a lot of responsibility, not just in terms of time commitment but also financially. In fact, the costs of owning a dog can be huge. According to a recent survey, the expense of owning a dog can amount to more than £17,000 over a dog’s lifetime.

With a percentage of this going on food and vaccinations, some of these costs are unavoidable but at PetGP, we believe there are a number of ways dog owners can budget and make sure that owning a wonderful four-legged friend doesn’t break the bank.

Money saving advice for dog owners

Keep food fresh

Dog food is the biggest cost for dog owners. Keep your dog’s food and treats fresh for up to 10 times longer by storing it in plastic containers inside your house rather than outside where it can overheat or get damp from the rain.

Money saving advice for dog owners

Use nappy bags for poo

Scooping poo doesn’t need to cost you money. Bag refills can be expensive. Save the environment and your pounds by using nappy bags instead.

Money saving advice for dog owners

Brush your dog’s teeth daily

Although it sounds like a lot of work, it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. Doggy dental care is expensive and is best avoided if at all possible!

Sign up to a pet health helpline

A pet health advice line like PetGP is a great way of saving money on costly vet bills. Although they aren’t a replacement for the vet, they can help you avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the vet (according to PetGP, two out of three pet health issues don’t require an immediate trip to the vet) by advising owners on their next course of action.

Money saving advice for dog owners

Learn how to trim your dog’s nails

Save on expensive visits to the pet grooming parlour by learning how to cut your dog’s nails yourself. It’s not a difficult job and it can save you a few extra pounds.

Dilute your dog’s shampoo

The majority of dog shampoos are made to be diluted. By adding a half part of water to their shampoo, you can save half the cost of pricey specialist shampoos in one quick and easy manoeuvre!

Money saving advice for dog owners

Make your own dog toys

According to research, the second biggest doggy expenditure for owners goes on treats and toys. Why waste money when you can have fun making your own? You can get inspiration from all over the Internet but here's one of PetGP's favourite resources: Barkpost

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