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How well do you know the utility breed?

Test your knowledge of the most varied of the breed groups..

Q1. According to the Kennel Club’s 2015 registration statistics, which is the most popular dog in the utility group?
A. Dalmatian.
B. French Bulldog.
C. Miniature Schnauzer.

Q2. The last time a dog from the utility group won Best in Show at Crufts was in 2014. Which breed was Ricky, the winning dog?
A. Poodle.
B. Lhasa Apso.
C. Tibetan Spaniel.

Q3. Which utility breed is well known for its wrinkled appearance?
A. Shih Tzu.
B. Schnauzer.
C. Shar Pei.

Q4. There are several Spitz-type dogs in the utility group. Which of these is often a characteristic
of a Spitz dog?
A. Floppy ears.
B. Long, wavy hair.
C. A tail that curls over the back.

Q5. What is unique about the utility breed the Korean Jindo?
A. It is technically owned by
a government.
B. It only has three legs.
C. It is the oldest dog breed in the world.

Q6. Which breed, generally accepted as the national breed of Israel, belongs to the utility group?
A. Komondor.
B. Canaan Dog.
C. Bergamasco.

Q7. Which of the following is NOT a recognised size of Poodle?
A. Giant.
B. Toy.
C. Standard.

Q8 Dalmatian puppies are born without their trademark spots
— true or false?

Q9. Which breed is the only
native breed in the utility group and also known as the national dog of Great Britain?
A. Dalmatian.
B. Bulldog.
C. Akita.

Q10. Complete the name of the utility breed: Japanese Shiba ___?
A. Inu.
B. Andu.
C. Uno.

Q1. B; Q2. A; Q3.C; Q4. C; Q5. A; Q6. B; Q7. A; Q8. True — they develop spots as they go; Q9. B; Q10. A.

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