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Give socks not dogs

Socks Trust

Dogs Trust is taking a stand against impulse puppy buying by changing its name to Socks Trust, encouraging people to give socks not dogs this Christmas.

The charity has created an exclusive line of festive socks featuring some of the lovable dogs left abandoned over the Christmas period.

The aim of the campaign is to discourage ill-prepared owners from taking on a dog at Christmas, as every year over 1,000 unwanted dogs are handed in to the 20 Dogs Trust rehoming centres following the festive puppy-buying rush.

Last year, a staggering 3,400 calls were made in the 30 days following Christmas from new owners wanting to give up their dog, amounting to a staggering 113 calls per day.

Dogs Trust CEO, Adrian Burder, said: “We want to avoid these unfortunate situations and as Socks Trust, we are encouraging prospective buyers to make sure they’ve thoroughly thought about the reality of dog ownership before they impulse buy. Instead, opt for a safe pair of cosy socks that their loved ones definitely won’t give back this year. After all, we can never have too many pairs of Christmas socks!”

To find out more or to purchase a pair of limited-edition socks to support the cause, visit the Socks Trust website.