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Dog of the Week - Friday 5th May 2017

Thank you to everyone that entered our 'Dog of the Week' competition, if we could have, we would have picked them all, but we had to narrow it down to just five out of hundreds of entries, and trust us it was not an easy decision! Here are our top 5...

5. Miss Bouba

Sent by Stephanie Roberts via Twitter

dog of the week

'Miss Bouba.... Waiting for her drink at the pub. She's a Frenchie who is embracing the British culture!'

4. Majik

Sent by Elaine Murphy via Twitter

dog of the week

'This is my male Chihuahua - Majik.  Who wouldn’t want that face to wake up to every morning!'

3. Pogo

Sent by Gemma McAdam via Facebook

dog of the week

'This is Pogo, our 8 month old Springer Spaniel. He loves getting out for long walks at the beach and forests near by, but his favourite past time is cuddling! He is 14kg of pure affection and I wouldn't change him for the world (even though he keeps standing on everyones' faces! )'

2. Buddy and Jesse

Sent by Sophia Weston via email

dog of the week

'Buddy and Jesse have been best friends since they set eyes on each other. They do everything together.'

This week, our 'Dog of the Week' goes to...

1. Kanga

Sent by Daisy Atkin via Facebook

dog of the week

'This is Kanga, my Heinz 57 rescue from Spain! She was found tied up in a warehouse on an industrial estate and couldn't use her back legs properly. 3 years and lots of love later, she's doing agility and flyball, and still looking completely ridiculous with her massive ears!'

If you would like your dog to be next week's 'Dog of the Week' simply email us with a picture, and short sentence saying why you think they should be featured.

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