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Dog of the Week - Friday 28th April 2017

Thank you to everyone that entered our 'Dog of the Week' competition, if we could have, we would have picked them all, but we had to narrow it down to just five out of hundreds of entries, and trust us it was not an easy decision! Here are our top 5...

5. George

Sent by Natalie Campbell via email.


'George the Border Terrier at 5 months old.'

4. Oscar

Sent by Shirley-Ann Stretton via Facebook.

'Oscar the 8 month old Springer Spaniel.'

3. Monty, Meg and Poppy

Sent by Mark Bentley via Twitter.


Okay, we realise there is more than one dog here but we just love this photo. 

2. Jimmy

Sent by Sian Greenock-Hulmes via Facebook.

'Jimmy whippet our 7 year old rescue boy who was in rescue for 2 years waiting for his forever home to come along. Eight months after we adopted him he was diagnosed with cancer but he's still enjoying his new life and making up for lost time.'

This week, our 'Dog of the Week' goes to...

1. Jelly

Sent by Emma-Clare Dunnett via Facebook.

'Jelly is a 3 year old Labradoodle. He is our perfect pet as he trains with me and is a playful companion for my 3 young boys. My 9 year old son is Autistic, he loves Jelly, the feel of his fur, the uncomplicated relationship, and the wonderful feeling he gets from asking Jelly to perform a trick successfully. Jelly helps my son keep going when out on a walk and loves to play scent games with him when physical games with other children are too much. My 7 year old loves to read and Jelly always has time to listen.'

If you would like your dog to be next week's 'Dog of the Week' simply email us with a picture, and short sentence saying why you think they should be featured.

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