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Dog of the Week - Friday 19th May 2017

Here's this weeks top 5...

5. Chase

Sent by Sarah Sansome via Facebook

Dog of the Week

'This is Chase - he should be your dog of the week because he is just so cute'

4. Clementine

Sent by Cara McKee-Dziuban via Facebook

dog of the week

'This is Clementine. We rescued her 8 years ago from our local humane society. She's the most friendly, loyal, lovely young lady.'

3. Tessa

Sent by Lizanne Dixon via Facebook

dog of the week

'Our old girl Tessa, 16 on her next birthday. Still going strong, although a bit blind and deaf, semi retired from her guard dog duties. Teaching the young ones all the tricks now!'

2.  Brig

Sent by Dan Lebath via Facebook

dog of the week

'This is Brig, now 3, a rescue Border Collie who had a poor start in life, but has put all that behind him in his new furever home. Has taken to Agility and Flyball like was born to it. He brings so much joy with his wanting to learn and please.'

This week, our 'Dog of the Week' goes to...

1. Buzz

Sent by Lizzie Culpin via email

dog of the week

'I would love Buzz the rescue Great Dane to be dog of the week, Buzz is looking for a home through Great Dane Care, he has spent most of his life in very poor conditions until he was rescued. Buzz has spent over 10 months in kennels now. He does love being with us but I would love for my beautiful boy to find a comfy sofa and that special forever person (or people!)'

If you would like your dog to be next week's 'Dog of the Week' simply email us with a picture, and short sentence saying why you think they should be featured.

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