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Concern for Boxers' welfare after release of John Lewis ad

Boxer dog

The release of the John Lewis Christmas advert has resulted in a record number of searches for Boxer puppies.

Figures released by the Kennel Club showed that searches for Boxer puppies on its 'Find A Puppy' website rose by 160 per cent in the day following the release of the advert, which features a bouncing Boxer called Buster.

The interest continued in the following days, with searches up by a total of 169 per cent in the five days following the advert’s release, and by 151 percent on the same period in 2015.

The Kennel Club wants to remind people about the importance of choosing a dog carefully to prevent dogs needlessly ending up in rescue.

KC secretary, Caroline Kisko, said: “When there is a sudden and enormous spike in people searching for puppies within a breed that is in the media spotlight, we all too often see the same breed overflowing from rescue centres a few months later.

“While the John Lewis advert perfectly depicts the Boxer’s playful and endearing nature, no advert can give a fully rounded picture of what any dog breed is like, so it is essential that people do their research if they are looking to get a dog."

Betty Hoad, from the Southern Boxer Rescue Service, said: “Boxers drool, they are messy eaters, and while they are fun and playful, it means that they also need a lot of exercise and stimulation. They are bouncy, do not look where they are going and blunder about, so people need to be aware of this, particularly if they have children.”

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