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Blue Cross need baby socks!

Blue Cross need baby socks!

If you have a bag full of baby socks your little ones have grown out of, you can put them to good use helping poorly animals.

Blue Cross hospitals in Merton, south-west London; Hammersmith, west London and Grimsby, Lincs. use the tiny socks to keep pets warm while they are being treated under anaesthesia.

Animals can lose heat through their paws, which can slow down how quickly the drugs get to work and the animal’s recovery time, so staff put the socks on them to retain body heat.

One dog lover from Mitcham, Surrey, has hand knitted more than 20 pairs of socks for Merton animal hospital.

Carol May, 64, says it takes her about 90 minutes to knit two pairs of socks. Retired Carol, who has two Yorkshire Terriers called Benny and Buddy says knitting the socks has helped to keep her occupied since she lost her husband Colin to terminal cancer in 2016.

Carol knits coats for her own dogs and got the idea to knit items for Blue Cross animals after visiting the pet charity’s hospital in Merton with her own pets. She says: “They really are a fantastic team and knitting little socks for the animals makes me feel that I’m giving something back to Blue Cross for all the help they’ve given me. I can’t praise them enough.”

Elise Smith, vet nurse at Blue Cross Merton, says: “When animals are under anaesthetic, their body temperatures can drop. This can prolong their recovery time and have an effect on how quickly drugs are metabolised. “At our hospitals we have many ways to reduce this problem, but one rather quirky way is to put socks on all anaesthetised patients.

“One of our lovely clients Mrs May takes the time to knit them in all different sizes for us, and bring them in. She is fabulous, and we are very grateful. Thank you Mrs May.”

If you would like to donate socks, you can drop them into your nearest Blue Cross branch in Grimsby, Hammersmith or Merton or send them to Blue Cross, 7 Hugh Street, London, SW1V 1QG.