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Beware of dangers to your dog this Easter

Easter is a great time for us humans, but can be dangerous for our dogs. Here's the Blue Cross and PDSA's list of the Easter foods and goods that are the most poisonous for your dogs...

Chocolate - Easter eggs are a favourite family treat, but can be fatal for your four-legged friend. Human chocolate contains theobromine which is toxic for pets, especially dark chocolate as it often contains the largest amount of cocoa solids.

Chocolate coated raisins, peanuts and coffee beans – these snacks are poisonous on their own, but covered in chocolate are even more dangerous to pets due to their potentially lethal cocktail of toxic chemicals.

Hot cross buns – A tasty treat for humans, but most buns contain dried fruit, such as currants, sultanas and raisins – and all of these are toxic to dogs and can cause severe kidney failure.

It's not just treats that are dangerous to dogs – spring flowers including daffodils, tulips and crocuses are also toxic for dogs

For more information on poisoning, and advice on what to do if you think your dog has been poisoned visit our website.

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