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American Bulldogs hardest to rehome

American Bulldogs hardest to rehome

To mark Valentine's Day, the RSPCA has revealed the 'most unloved' types of dogs who struggle to find loving new homes.

Topping the list is the American Bulldogs spend the longest looking for love, with an average stay of 66 days.

Cocker Spaniels spend the least time looking a home, an average of just over 13 days, closely followed by Shih Tzus which take just over 14 days to find a new owner to love them.

The top ten breeds that are hardest to rehome and the average number of days it takes to find them a new home are:

1. American Bulldog – 66 days
2. Staffordshire Bull terrier cross – 60
3. Husky – 59
4. Rottweiler – 57
5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 54
6. Rottweiler cross – 53
7. German Shepherd cross – 51
8. Collie cross – 50
9. Mastiff – 46
10. Crossbreeds – 46

One such long stay dog is nine-year-old Staffy cross Jess is waiting at RSPCA Great Ayton in Middlesbrough for her perfect family for over 200 days. Jess likes to be a lap dog and is definitely a favourite with all the staff and volunteers.

Dr Samantha Gaines, pet welfare expert at the RSPCA, said: “The staff who care for our animals day in and day out know just how loveable each and every one is and how different they are from one another but we do find that some breeds and colours take longer to find their perfect match.

“This is probably due to a combination of reasons. For example, size or beliefs about particular breeds and types can stop people from even considering the possibility of adopting an American Bulldog or Staffordshire Bull Terrier. And with so many of the same type of dog in our care, it can be difficult for individuals to stand out from the crowd despite their great potential. Sadly in some cases, animals are overlooked just because of how they look.

“We would urge anyone looking for a pet to do their research especially as the reputation of a particular breed or type is often undeserved. They should find out if they are a good match for that particular animal to see if they can offer them a loving home.”