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A puppy's physical needs


Between the ages of six to nine months old you are preparing your puppy for adult life. Build your pup up to be a strong, athletic, and intelligent dog with the right blend of nutrition and exercise.

Exercising a puppy

  • Try different games to see what your puppy enjoys. Dog will rarely grow out of finding and fetching games and they are a great way to interact with your dog.
  • Exercise should be built up gradually in young dogs as excessive or uncontrolled exercise can cause damage to developing joints, bones, and muscles. A general rule of thumb when walking a puppy is five minutes per month of age.
  • The right nutrition is essential for supporting your pup's growth. EUKANUBA foods contain tailored levels of calcium depending on your dog's breed, as well as high quality animal proteins which promote strong bones and lean muscle growth so your pup can develop into an athletic dog.
  • As your dog enjoys getting out and about more it is important that he has strong natural defences. EUKANUBA contains a natural blend of antioxidants such as Vitamin E or Beta Carotene to protect your puppy by building up his natural resistance.

Mental games

  • Games that challenge your puppy mentally can be just as tiring and rewarding as long walks or physical games.
  • Try scent games, hiding treats, or interactive toys to give your pup a mental workout.
  • EUKANUBA puppy range includes an optimal level of DHA, an essential omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oil, which is clinically proven to promote smart, trainable puppies. DHA supports brain development and aids learning meaning you will raise a smart and trainable companion.

Canine activities

  • At 6-9 months you can start to consider if you would like to do any organised activities with your pet. Certain activities, such as Rally and showing, can be started from a puppy while other more physically intense activities require dogs to be older. You can prepare your dog by helping him grow into a strong and healthy dog with the right nutrition and developing his exercise routine as he grows.