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10 ways to make your dog part of Christmas

10 ways to make your dog part of Christmas

Don't leave out your dog this Christmas — here are some ideas to help him join in with festivities...

1. Treat him

Why not get your dog a present to open on Christmas Day? A new toy or treat will not only get his tail wagging but it will also keep him occupied on the big day, and take his mind off all the festive temptations!

2. Go on a Christmassy walk

Christmas walks just aren't the same without your favourite companion, so why not take him for an extra special wintery walk, somewhere different where there are lots of new scents and sights to explore? If it's snowy or icy then make sure you supervise your dog at all times, as he won't understand the difference between solid ground and ice.

3. Feature him on a card

Why buy Christmas or thank-you cards when you can make your own featuring your furry friend? Take a festive pic of him in the snow, in a pair of antlers, or perhaps include him in a family photo. It's sure to put a smile on the faces of your family and friends when they receive it!

4. Give him extra attention

Amid the celebrations, you may not be able to devote that one-to-one time to your four-legged-friend, so be sure to set some time aside just for him. Perhaps play with his new toy, give him a brush, or just some fuss and make him feel loved — this is the best gift you can give him!

5. Make him a special dinner

There's no reason why your dog can't have a special dinner too on Christmas Day. If you're planning to treat your dog to some turkey, be sure to check there are no bones in the meat, and avoid gravy as this is too salty and fatty for dogs. The odd pig in blanket is fine but they too are quite fatty. Vegetables such as carrots are also fine, but avoid alliums such as onions, leeks, and garlic. There are also Christmas puddings for dogs available!

6. Let him chill

If your dog isn't used to Christmas, it can be quite a stressful day, especially if you have a puppy or a recently adopted dog who isn't used to a busier household. If this is the case then it might be worth setting up a quiet, cosy corner for your pet, so they feel safe and happy and can have a Christmas snooze.