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10 things only dog people will understand

10 things only dog people will understand

If you are a dog person, you will know there are certain things in life that only another dog owners will fully recognise. Here's our top 10.

1. Practically perfect

Just like Mary Poppins, we all believe our pets are practically perfect in every way. If someone tells us our dog is gorgeous, special, cute, or clever, we are likely to fall just a tiny bit in love with them. Equally, if someone takes a dislike to our dog, we know immediately our relationship with that person is going to be pretty short-lived (if it ever gets off the ground at all!).

When it comes to people, our dogs have a sixth sense. If our dog doesn’t take to someone, we know there must be a very good reason — and we won’t hang around to find out what it is.

2. In the bag

You know you're a dog person when every single jacket and pair of trousers you own has a poo bag in the pocket. It’s also not unusual to find ancient bits of sausage and crusty dog treats.

3. Two's company

When we get a dog, life seems complete, but it’s never long before we consider getting another one. We tell ourselves another dog will be good company for the first, plus it will be twice as much fun.

Dog people develop an invisible radar for any dog in need of a home. Our Facebook pages become full of lost and found dogs. We email our friends with pictures of dogs we would like to own, or we think they might like to own. Resistance is futile!

4. House-proud

Maybe before we had a dog, we might have been a tiny bit house-proud. While we may not be ready to apply for a starring role in one of those TV shows about obsessive compulsive cleaners, we’ve definitely come to the stage where there’s no point in stressing over a few dog hairs, or a little bit of mud on the floor. And as for the obstacle course of scattered toys, balls, and dog blankets that we negotiate most mornings, that just makes us smile.

5. Wait!

Dog people can run the risk of spending a little bit too much time with their pets, and occasionally this can spill over into other areas of our lives. It doesn’t bother us because we are dog people, but it can earn us some funny looks. For example, there are those odd times when we inadvertently tell someone in the office to ‘Wait!’ or ‘Sit’, or worse, we find ourselves praising someone by saying: “That’s good! Clever boy.” Awkward…

6. Top gear

When it comes to our mode of transport, we dog people have a completely different outlook to non-dog people. For a start, we’re not bothered about driving the latest make and model of car, because what we really want to know is: can we fit a dog crate in it, and will it show up dog hairs?

When we offer someone a lift, we find ourselves apologising for the mess. And we often find ourselves driving with the windows down, because that eau-de-wet dog can be a bit off-putting to those who don’t fully appreciate the canine niceties of rolling in smelly stuff.

7. Good intentions

Dog people often start off with good intentions about the rules they intend to apply, and one of these is that dogs will not be allowed on the furniture. But slowly and surely, dogs persuade us that chilling on the sofa together is the best thing ever. And who are we to argue?

8. Hokey cokey

As the song goes: “You put your left leg in, and your left leg out.” We spend hours of our life trying to work out what our dogs want. The minute we sit down with a cup of tea, a dog’s head appears on our lap and a pair of beautiful eyes implore us to understand them.

“Do you want to go out?” we ask. Yep, lots of tail wagging, excitement, and ‘Thought you’d never ask!’ is the reply. So we get up, go to the door, let them out, and then — hang on a minute — it’s raining, and they want to come straight back in. Dog people are at the beck and call of our four-legged friends, but we wouldn’t swap a single minute.

9. Dream dates

Gone are the days when we used to think a good night out was to dress up in our best clothes and go to a fancy restaurant, or book expensive tickets for a night at the theatre. There are two reasons: firstly, we no longer spend money on luxuries for ourselves because all our spare cash goes on buying luxuries for our dogs. Secondly, our idea of a great night out is pulling on a pair of jeans and heading off for a woodland walk with the dog, and maybe ending up at a dog-friendly pub for a quick drink on the way home. While there, we will strike up a conversation with other dog people and talk about our dogs for hours on end. Perfect!

10. Picture perfect!

OK, so we acknowledge that there are times when we are a bit of a dog bore. Our phones are full of pictures of our dogs and we share them with people at any opportunity. But why is it when we see something mesmerising, such as our dogs twitching and sleep-talking as they dream of chasing rabbits, that we can never find a phone or a camera to film it before they wake up? Now that’s definitely something only a dog person will understand!