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Why does my dog have smelly breath?

Why does my dog have smelly breath?

(Q) I’ve noticed that my dog, Puzzle, has extremely smelly breath. She eats a fish-flavoured food, but her breath doesn’t smell of fish. Can you recommend any products that might help freshen her breath? She’s really stinky!

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: Have you checked Puzzle’s teeth? The most common reason for smelly breath is gum disease or dental infections. Having dental treatment can then result in an improvement in halitosis. Regular tooth cleaning with a doggy toothpaste is also advisable. That said, some dogs have great dental health but have smelly breath due to other diseases in the throat or lungs, and some dogs just have smelly breath for no good reason.

There are a variety of fresh breath tablets available from pet shops, but it is worth having a vet check out Puzzle before you go shopping for these, just in case she does have a disease causing her halitosis.

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