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Which are the best nail clippers for a large dog?

Nail clippers for a large dog

A) Diana North says: I would recommend you use the pliers-type nail clippers for large dogs. You can find these on the internet; research dog grooming suppliers as they will display this type of nail clippers for both small and larger dogs. A nail grinder might be useful to keep the nail trimmed once you have the length suitable and comfortable for your dog.

The very informative pictorial guide to the nail clipping process, reproduced below, could be of interest to you, especially if you are dealing with a dark nail where you cannot see the vein and nerve which runs through the nail.

Follow these steps to trim your dog's nails safely and properly...

1) The pink part indicates what the quick (soft tissue carrying the nail’s blood supply) looks like and where it is situated within the nail.
2) As the nail grows, so does the quick in relation to it. Cutting the nail at point A will nick the quick, causing pain and bleeding. Cut the nail at point B and you will keep the quick intact. It will also begin to recede due to the shorter nail.
3) After regular filing to keep the quick receding, the nail can be trimmed at the right length, without catching the quick.
4) This shows a nail at the correct length. Kept at this length, the quick will remain in place as shown, so you should be in no danger of catching it when clipping the nail.

Keep nails trim

  • Walking on hard surfaces will naturally wear down your dog’s nails. But untrimmed nails can break, bleed, or even grow into the feet, causing discomfort. Hearing a ‘click-click’ as your dog walks on hard floors is the most obvious sign that attention is needed.
  • Only use nail trimmers specifically designed for pets — and ensure they are sharp. Be careful to avoid the nail quick, which on white nails is the pink section. This contains nerves and blood vessels and when nicked will bleed easily. If this happens, apply pressure with a cotton ball. Don’t forget the dewclaw nail, located on the inside of the leg. If left untrimmed, they curl up and grow into the soft tissue like an ingrowing toenail.
  • Get your dog used to having his nails trimmed from an early age.


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