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How much should I feed my dog?

How much should I feed my dog?

(Q) We have a German Shepherd, who’s two, who has always suffered from digestive problems. He normally eats hypo-allergenic food. From time to time he has a flare up and produces very soft poo, and at these times we put him on to chicken and rice. The problem is we never know how much to feed him and worry that he is either not getting enough or too much. Could you give us any advice as to roughly how much to feed him per day? We usually split it into three or four meals.

(A) Vet John Burns says: Many dog owners find it difficult to get the right advice about feeding, especially when the dog has a diet-related health problem, as this probably is. It’s usually a good idea to contact the food manufacturer for advice on their product.

It may be necessary to try a different diet as your dog may have a food allergy.

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