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Easy does it. Ways to keep your dog out of mischief

Dog eating from fridge

Whether you’re awaiting the arrival of a new puppy or already have an older dog, you’ll all be happier if you’ve made your home and garden dog-friendly. Tesco Bank Pet Insurance and expert advisors, vetfone®, suggest ways of avoiding canine calamities and how to cope if your dog does run into trouble.

Cute they may be, but most dogs are scavengers and if a food cupboard or fridge door is ajar, they’ll seize the opportunity. But not all human food is suitable for dogs so to avoid upsets, child locks on your kitchen units will keep temptation out of reach.

Dogs aren’t fussy and have been known to drink from toilet basins. To prevent this, remember to put the lid down. Using non-toxic cleaners is also a wise precaution.

Always try to shut doors on appliances such as washing machines, fridges, ovens and microwaves. Non-slip matting can help prevent falls, while stair gates on staircases and across doorways will confine dogs to the areas of your home where you know they’ll be safe. And be careful with open windows – dogs aren’t as aware or cautious of height as we are.

In the garden, make sure that your fencing is gap-free and at a height your dog can’t jump over into the potential danger of the unknown. Take care with slug pellets and any other garden product that could endanger your dog and always put tools away safely.

So you’ve done your best to make your home and garden safe for your dog, but what if they still get into the odd scrape? Tesco Bank Pet Insurance offers three levels of cover, so visit to find out more about which product could be right for you and your dog. And as a standard benefit, with every Tesco Bank Pet Insurance policy, you’ll get 24/7 phone access to vetfone® and their team of nurses qualified with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

vetfone® is provided by Vetsdirect Ltd.

Both active and quiet dogs can suffer a number of wounds including bites, cuts, tears and scrapes.

Before attempting first aid on your dog, be aware that a dog with the mildest temperament may snap if in stress or pain so you may need someone to help you and possibly even muzzle your dog.


Whether a wound bleeds a little or a lot, it is important that the bleeding is stopped as quickly as possible. A small amount of blood is unlikely to be life threatening if dealt with promptly. If possible, pressure should be applied directly to the wound for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. This should be done using a clean dry cloth/gauze pad. Do not attempt to use a tourniquet. If bleeding remains heavy then contact a vet ASAP.


Some wounds may be full of dirt or grit and these contaminants should be cleaned away. However, if you see any larger objects – glass for example – should be flushed away with clean salt water solution.


After cleaning, a minor wound is best left to heal uncovered, whereas larger wounds may benefit from dressing.


Bathe the wound once or twice a day for a few days with clean salt water solution, whilst keeping the dog indoors. Avoid using human products as they may be toxic or act as an irritant. Monitor and inspect the wound regularly. If your dog develops any swelling, heat (especially in the affected area), pain or becomes unwell, it may be a sign of infection and veterinary attention should be sought. Owners should look out for signs of discomfort with the bandage – excess chewing, for example.

For more information about caring for your dog, please consult your vet (customers can contact their vetfone® nurse).

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