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Spanish Water Dog Breed Profile

Spanish Water Dog fact file

KC Group: gundog
Size: medium
Good with children?: yes recommended
Exercise requirement: moderate
Good guard dogs?: would bark
Moulting level: low
Grooming: moderate
Jogging partner: yes

Those woolly cords and mop-style coat will get some attention! This versatile, family-friendly dog makes a great pet to the right home.

Spanish Water Dog Character

The Breed Standard describes them as "faithful, obedient, brave, good tempered and gay." They are truly versatile, fitting into family life with ease, provided you have the time to exercise their mind. As the name implies, they love water (at least most do) and love walks or retrieving games. A good companion for children, and should alert you to strangers approaching.

Spanish Water Dog Size

The Breed Standard stipulates dogs 44-50cm, bitches 40-46 cm.

Spanish Water Dog Health

Generally a healthy breed with few breed-specific problems. Hip Dysplasia is evident.

Spanish Water Dog Special Care

The coat will pick up a lot of debris and bring it into your house! Also, give them firm, consistent (but positive) training - they do have a guarding instinct so you need to train and channel it.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.