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Saluki Breed Profile

Saluki fact file

KC Group: hound
Size: large
Good with children?: seek breeder advice
Exercise requirement: lots
Good guard dogs?: no
Moulting level: medium
Grooming: little
Jogging partner: yes

An independent, elegant breed that dotes on human company and family life yet will escape given the first opportunity!

Saluki Character

Good with children reserved with strangers, the Saluki bonds closely with the family and therefore are difficult to rehome. Intelligent, sensitive, clean dogs. Hunting instinct is strong.

Saluki Size

The Breed Standard stipulates dogs at 58-71cm, bitches proportionately smaller.

Saluki Health

Generally healthy with few breed-specific problems.

Saluki Special Care

A big fence is needed - these are escape artists. Also be very careful off the lead - the urge to hunt may be more than the urge to come to you

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