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Lagotto Romagnolo Breed Profile

Lagotto Romagnolo fact file

KC Group: gundog
Size: medium
Good with children?: seek breeder advice
Exercise requirement: lots
Good guard dogs?: no
Moulting level: low
Grooming: moderate
Jogging partner: yes

Also known as the Romagna Water Dog, this breed is one of the oldest waterfowl retrievers, its ancestors having been bred since Etruscan times (C7BC). They've had some of their hunting instinct bred out of them over the generations but they still retain an excellent sense of smell and have been used to search out truffles in more recent years.

Lagotto Romagnolo Character

A happy, affectionate temperament and a robust attitude means a well-socialized Lagotto should make an excellent family pet. Lagotto Romagnolos will make excellent watchdogs, as they are very alert.

Lagotto Romagnolo Size

The Breed Standard states that males should measure 43-48cm and females between 41-46cm. For show dogs any height above the maximum is considered undesirable

Lagotto Romagnolo Health

Hip Dysplasia is a fairly common ailment amongst this breed.

Lagotto Romagnolo Special Care

Lagotto Romagnolos are a non-shedding breed and are considered hypoallergenic and may be suitable for people who have allergic reactions to animal hair.

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