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Kerry Blue Terrier Breed Profile

Kerry Blue Terrier fact file

KC Group: terrier
Size: medium
Good with children?: yes recommended
Exercise requirement: moderate
Good guard dogs?: possibly
Moulting level: low
Grooming: lots
Jogging partner: yes

Taking its name from the County Kerry region of Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a feisty breed that was originally used to control vermin and guard livestock. They are now increasingly popular as a show breed, especially following Torum's Scarf Michael's victory at the 2000 Crufts.

Kerry Blue Terrier Character

A spirited breed, the Kerry Blue responds best to kind and consistent training. They can be rather stubborn and independent minded like all terriers, however they are loyal and will bond closely to their family and even other pets, although some dominance issues may arise with other dogs.

Kerry Blue Terrier Size

Dogs should measure 46-48cm at the shoulder with a weight of 15-17kg, bitches slightly less

Kerry Blue Terrier Health

Generally healthy but with their high activity levels muscular and joint issues may arise. They are also prone to eye conditions as well so be sure to take care to clear any hair from around the eyes.

Kerry Blue Terrier Special Care

The Kerry Blue has continued to be bred as a working breed as well as a pet and as such they may well give chase to small animals.

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