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Irish Setter Breed Profile

Irish Setter fact file

KC Group: gundog
Size: large
Good with children?: seek breeder advice
Exercise requirement: lots
Good guard dogs?: no
Moulting level: medium
Grooming: moderate
Jogging partner: yes

A gundog who can adapt to 'pet' life providing plenty of opportunity to run freely is given. They love people and are ideally suited to country life opposed to town.

Irish Setter Character

More suited to country than town, the Setter loves free gallop and will take plenty of exercise to occupy its mind. Lovely family dogs, loves children and are relatively easy to obedience train. Likes to be with people and not left on their own for too long. Requires firm and consistent training, otherwise can be quite a handful. A fast dog who is clean, intelligent and generally loves life.

Irish Setter Size

Can be up to 68.5cm and 32kg in weight.

Irish Setter Health

Generally healthy, but Hip Dysplasia is known, also gastric torsion can occur, so take care feeding and exercising.

Irish Setter Special Care

This is a racy gundog and unless given attention and exercise, can be incredibly boisterous in the home

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