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Ibizan Hound Breed Profile

Ibizan Hound fact file

KC Group: hound
Size: Medium, between 22-29 inches, weight 19-25kg.
Good with children?: In general yes, provided children know how to interact with dogs
Exercise requirement: Good varied between free running and lead walking
Good guard dogs?: no
Moulting level: low
Grooming: little
Jogging partner: yes


They are in general a healthy breed with a lifespan of up to 17 years!

About the breed

The Ibizan hound is an extremely fast and agile dog. Tall, narrow, finely built with large erect ears. A tireless hunter, which has the ability to jump great heights. Reserved with strangers, not nervous or aggressive, dignified and independent.
Head and skull are fine, long flat skull, stop not well defined with slightly convex muzzle - the length from eyes to tip of nose equals length from eyes to occiput. Nose is flesh coloured, jaws strong and lean. Eyes are clear amber, expressive, almond shaped.
Forequarters: Rather steep with short shoulder blades, long straight legs with erect pasterns of good length. Back should be level, sloping slightly from pin bones to the rump with a long flat ribcage. Breast bone prominent. The depth between the bottom of the ribcage and the elbow should be 2-3 inches.
Hindquarters: Long and lean, no great angulation with a long second thigh going into feet with well arched toes, thick pads, light coloured claws. Tail should be long, thin, low set reaching the hock or below, when passed between the back legs and around the flank should reach the spine. Carried high when excited but should not curl within itself or low over the back.
A feature characteristic of this breed is the gait/movement - which is a suspended trot, with a long far-reaching stride with slight hover before placing the foot to the ground. Coat is rough or smooth but should always be dense and hard which is longer under the tail and at the back of the legs.
Colour can be white, chestnut or lion or any combination of these.
Note that drop ears are not accepted when showing. Any departure from the above points should be considered a fault; care should be given to the above points when choosing a specimen for any future breeding programme


The Ibizan Hound is an affectionate and loyal dog who will form a close attachment to its owner. They are a hunting dog so can be very strong willed as hunting is their natural instinct so persistence is required when training.

General care

Although they make great pets for the home, the Ibizan Hound needs plenty of exercise outdoors - it is recommended you have suitable fencing as they can jump great heights with little or no run up!.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.