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Dalmatian Breed Profile

Dalmatian fact file

KC Group: Utility
Size: Large
Good with children?: Yes
Exercise requirement: Lots
Good guard dogs?: Possibly
Moulting level: Medium
Grooming: Little
Jogging partner: Top dog!

A breed with an incredible history that has seen the Dalmatian accompany Greek chariots and aristocratic European carriages. Remarkable stamina and pace are defining traits of the breed.

Dalmatian Character

A highly affectionate and playful breed, Dalmatians love the company of their human companions. They are often excellent with children if properly socialized, the aim being to lessen possessive instincts and make them open to new experiences. Generally a well-balanced dog although they don't deal well with being left on their own.

Dalmatian Size

A large breed, the ideal height falls between 58-61cm for dogs and 56-58cm for bitches

Dalmatian Health

As a large breed the Dalmatian is susceptible to bloat and can suffer from Hip Dysplasia. Purebreeds are generally free from eye problems. Other muscular conditions may develop due to poor exercise routine. In common with other lightly pigmented breeds such as the Bull Terrier, the Dalmatian can be prone to deafness. A Dalmatian puppy should only be purchased if it has had a BAER certified hearing test to determine its hearing status. Urate bladder stones occasionally occur so care should be taken to monitor the passing of water to see that the dog isn't in distress.

Dalmatian Special Care

Beyond good loving care and plenty of attention and exercise the Dalmatian requires little out of the ordinary.

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