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Australian Cattle Dog Dog Breed Profile

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Australian Cattle Dog Breed Profile

Australian Cattle Dog fact file

KC Group: Pastoral
Size: Medium
Good with children?: Seek breeder advice
Exercise requirement: Moderate
Good guard dogs?: Yes
Moulting level: Medium
Grooming: Little
Jogging partner: Yes

A breed with an interesting bloodline, originating with a mixture of the now extinct Smithfield, wild Dingoes, early Collies and a little bit of Bull Terrier. The Australian Cattle Dog is, as its name suggests, a working dog by nature. Highly intelligent and renowned for its ability to herd cattle over a huge area, they also make an excellent guard dog.

Australian Cattle Dog Character

Alert and courageous due to its breeding, the Australian Cattle Dog also possesses great stamina. Their suspicion of strangers makes them an excellent guard dog yet they are also known for their incredibly quiet nature, their bark is said to sound like a hooting owl. They do have a tendency to nip at heels, a remnant of their herding days, but with effective training and control this should not prove to be a problem. They are generally loyal companions and will become very attached to their family.

Australian Cattle Dog Size

The Breed Standard states that the height at the withers must be 46-51cm for dogs and 43-48cm for bitches.

Australian Cattle Dog Health

Very few congenital disorders with this breed, however care should be taken to groom them regularly to help avoid skin problems.

Australian Cattle Dog Special Care

They grow rapidly into adulthood and as such you should adjust and manage their exercise accordingly to avoid damage to their joints and muscles.

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