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American Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Profile

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American Cocker Spaniel Breed Profile

American Cocker Spaniel fact file

KC Group: Gundog
Size: Medium
Good with children?: Yes
Exercise requirement: Lots
Good guard dogs?: No
Moulting level: Medium
Grooming: Lots
Jogging partner: Short runs

A direct descendant of the English Cocker Spaniel, they were initially bred as a gundog excelling in pointing and picking up. Gradually the breed has found favour as a companion due to their easygoing temperament.

American Cocker Spaniel Character

An outgoing and confident breed, the American Cocker Spaniel makes the ideal companion. Their high levels of intelligence make them prone to mischievous activities although they remain eager to please.

American Cocker Spaniel Size

A medium-sized breed, the dog should measure between 37-39cm and the bitch 34-37cm. Weight should be no more than 13kg.

American Cocker Spaniel Health

Of particular note is the risk of eye and ear problems due in part to the length of hair around the head. There is also a relatively high incidence of cataracts and glaucoma in the breed. Puppies should always be purchased from hip and eye tested stock.

American Cocker Spaniel Special Care

Despite their gundog heritage the American Cocker is a relatively delicate breed and should be supervised whilst around children, especially whilst still a puppy

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