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Get fit with your dog

Getting into shape doesn't have to be all hard work. Get your dog involved to make it fun.


From taking up running with your dog to just making a few changes to your dog walking routine can help to get you in peak condition. Here are 10 ways you and your dog can get fit together:

1. Go for more dog walks
Take your canine companion out for an extra walk or just go a little further on your current walks. If you let your dog off the lead for a run, then increase your pace for short bursts so you're out of breath. This will really help burn calories.

2. Try cani-cross
Your dog can make the perfect jogging partner. Cani-cross is a canine sport where you run with your dog attached to you by a harness. You don't have to be super fit to take part, cani-cross is open to all abilities.

Find out more about this dog sport: Cani-cross — the perfect way to get fit with your dog

3. Develop a home fitness routine
There are loads of exercises you can do to help you tone up around the house. From lunges, sit ups, and step ups, to stretches and star jumps you can easily do these when you have five minutes. Get your dog involved by developing some exercises for him too. For example, you can ask him to give you his paw ten times. This could be your rest in-between your exercises.

4. Take up a dog activity
Many dog activities such as agility, tracking, and even training get owners on the move. Find something you both enjoy and you will probably want to practice at home too which helps keeps you both active.

5. Change your dog walking routes
Make your walks more challenging by tackling some hills or heading to the beach to walk over soft sand which can take more effort. Your dog will love the chance to explore new places and scents.

6. Don't snack, train!
If you're working hard to diet then your dog can help! There will be times when you're tempted to snack on something unhealthy. Resolve at this time to do some dog training instead to take your mind off whatever you were thinking of eating.

7. Walk your dogs individually
If you've got more than one dog take each dog out individually. Not only will you walk more but each dog will love the one on one time and your bond with each dog will be stronger.

8. Go to a dog gym
Dogs make the best fitness partners and some places are recognising this by setting up dog gyms where humans and canines can work out together. YD's Kelly Felstead visited a dog gym to find out what they're all about: Get fit with your dog at Hillview Dog Gym

9. Give wag and tone a go
Wag and Tone is a fitness class that is designed to help dog and owners shape up together. It consists of a series of simple exercises which are set to music. The class is growing in popularity. Find out more: Wag and tone — the new exercise for you and your dog

10. Play more games
Enjoying a game with your dog can burn off calories. Play lots of short, fun games over the day and you'll feel the benefit too.


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