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10 ways to keep your dog safe

10 ways to keep your dog safe

Although accurate statistics are hard to come by, dog theft seems to be rising. Here are 10 top tips to help keep your dog safe and sound.

A day in the life of a dog trainer

A day in the life of a dog trainer

Passing on skills that will last a lifetime, Michael Hallam watches dog trainer Tony Cruse in action.

From group training classes to one-to-one behavioural assessments, dog trainers help people to make the most of life with their pets. Giving expert advice, demonstrating training techniques, and developing coping strategies for dogs with behavioural problems is all part of the day job for trainers, as Your Dog contributor Tony Cruse explained.

A day in the life of a dog walker

A day in the life of a dog walker

Caring for pets when owners can’t be there, Michael Hallam spends the day with pet sitter/dog walker Nicky Nettleton.

Using a pet sitter/dog walker means dogs are not stuck in the house all day. But there is more to it than providing the essentials. Pet sitters build relationships with the dogs and give owners peace of mind that, in their absence, their dogs are still treated as an important part of the family.

A day in the life of a police dog handler

A day in the life of a police dog handler

Meet the dogs who — in the face of danger — stand side by side with our protective force. Michael Hallam spends the day with police dog handler PC Mick Judge.

Preventing and fighting crime is a constant battle for the police. To keep up with criminals, they are armed with an ever-increasing number of sophisticated gadgets. There is one resource, however, that technology cannot replace — the police dog. Harnessing the talents of their canine companions is still an invaluable crime-fighting tool.

A day in the life of a Rescue Centre Worker

A day in the life of a Rescue Centre Worker

Michael Hallam spends the day with Battersea worker Martin Sanchez-Bell to see how the charity helps dogs on the road to a new life.

With so many pets being given up each year, rescue centres work tirelessly to help as many dogs as they can. With 5,000 dogs passing through its gates every year, the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is no different.

A day in the life of a vet nurse

A day in the life of a vet nurse

Sick pets undergoing treatment are in safe and loving hands, as Michael Hallam discovers when he spends the day with vet nurse Lucy Witham.

Referral centre Davies Veterinary Specialists (DVS) in Hertfordshire treats hundreds of animals each year. Yet for owners, handing over their pets for treatment is always worrying. At DVS, they can rest assured. Lucy is one of a team of vet nurses for whom caring for animals is not just their job, but their passion.

Best hardwood flooring ideas for dogs

There are several things to consider when making a decision about the best hardwood flooring options for dogs. Read on to find out which option will suit your needs best.

Cani-cross — the perfect way to get fit with your dog

Try cani-cross and get fit with your dog

Kelly Felstead and her Cocker Spaniel, Henry, team up to try another new sport — cani-cross.

Any activity that enables you to get fit and exercise your dog at the same time is surely a winner. I’d been keen to give cani-cross (running with your dog) a go for some time, and got the chance to do a training run with Canicross Midlands club.

Canine careers that benefit society

Dog careers

Although there are a number of animals in the world that have had a significant impact on the lives of humans, none have altered our lives quite so frequently as dogs.

We began our long relationship with them at least 18,000 years ago when we domesticated wolves as hunting partners and companions. Even in this day and age, canines are still employed in a number of different positions that benefit society and dogs alike.

Canine icons – Toto

Canine icons - Toto

Immortalised in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, find out how one dog became Toto — both on film and in real life.

Cairn Terrier Terry went from being an abandoned puppy to a star of the big screen, appearing in one of the most popular family films ever made.

Change of heart - How I changed my dog training techniques

Change of heart

Dog trainer Jordan Shelley tells Andrea McHugh why he’s turned his back on dominance-based training techniques.

It has been three years since dog trainer Jordan Shelley appeared on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ to demonstrate how his Cesar Millan-inspired methods could train a food-aggressive Jack Russell Terrier in just one session.

Christmas safety tips for your pet dog

Christmas safety tips for your pet dog

Believe it or not, Christmas and the festive season are upon us once again!

Whilst you and your family will no doubt be getting excited about seeing loved ones, exchanging gifts, eating great food and having a good time, it’s equally as important to keep a close eye on your pet dog. After all, they’re part of the family too.

Dealing with your dog's problem barking

Barking mad

Noisy dog? Trainer Carolyn Menteith and legal expert Trevor Cooper suggest some practical measures you can take to appease the neighbours.

If you have a dog who barks persistently at all hours, it is going to annoy your neighbours. 

Not only that but it is going to make life for you and your dog (and anyone living near you) stressful and unpleasant.

Dog abandoned in skip finds new forever home!

Dog abandoned in skip finds new forever home!

Labrador dumped in a skip two days before Christmas finds loving new home for 2015 thanks to Wood Green!

A young dog whose previous owner abandoned him in a skip, just two days before Christmas, has found a wonderful new home after being cared for by a Cambridgeshire-based rescue centre.

Dog dressed as Christmas pudding sets PetsLocated record!

Dog dressed as Christmas pudding sets PetsLocated record!

Winston, the dog that went walkies at Christmas sets new record for PetsLocated.

A family's Christmas was set to be ruined when their beloved dog went missing on Christmas Day. Dressed as a Christmas pudding, Winston the dog went missing after being spooked by fireworks in the local area of Henlade, Somerset.