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Alexa Pearmund

Tel: 07973 431431
Postcode: HP16 9RD

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Alexa Pearmund

French Spaniels

  • 5 girls and 4 boys, born 5th April.
  • Will be ready for collection early June.

This is a new bloodline in the UK with the mother originating from France and the stud dog from the Netherlands. Pedigree, DNA & all medical certificates & scores can be provided. The stud dog is one of the top 10 working dogs in Europe. Puppies will come with medical records and vaccinations. The French Spaniel Epagneul Francais is the oldest known Spaniel breeds. Originally the breed was used for falconry and as a settling dog for net hunting the breed has become synonymous with hunting and is still used for pointing flushing and picking up game and waterfowl. The French Spaniel is one of the two tallest spaniel breeds with a similar stature to an English or Red Setter being taller than the English Springer Spaniel. Males can range in height from 2224 inches 5661cm and females are about an inch shorter. Dogs can range in weight from 4560pounds 2027kg. The breed has a muscular appearance with a deep chest and strong legs. Colour of a French Spaniels coat is white with brown dark liver markings. French Spaniels have a friendly and out going personality and is well balanced and patient. Not a naturally aggressive, French Spaniels are eager top please and can be trained easily. French Spaniels form a strong bond being typically a working dog and have a high level of stamina requiring vigorous exercise. The breed is robustly healthy with few issues and adapts well to wet weather conditions.

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