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Will my dog's actions influence a new puppy?

Will my dog's actions influence a new puppy?

(Q) Every time I take my dog out to toilet she gets excited, rockets outs, does circles, and makes squeaky noises. She also has a problem when I leave; she cries and shakes, and sometimes she poos in front of the door. I am moving soon and want to get another dog but I do not want her actions to influence the new puppy.

(A) Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith says: It sounds as though your dog has high arousal and anxiety issues which need to be looked into in detail. Since she already displays distress when you leave her she is a prime candidate for your house move to trigger deterioration in her ability to cope.

Toileting at the door is one sign of an attachment disorder or separation distress but all of the details must be considered to make an accurate diagnosis. I would suggest that she is so upset by your absence that she cannot help but toilet in this location. It is one of the physiological results of extreme distress.

Talk to your vet since your dog would benefit from help from an experienced professional. This is very important because it is highly possible that her agitation would influence a puppy.

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