How can I make it easier for my dog to meet other dogs when on his lead?

How can I make it easier for my dog to meet other dogs when on his lead?

(Q) My dog can be difficult when meeting other dogs when he is on the lead. How do I help him when I have him on the lead and another off-lead dog rushes up to him? Sometimes I release his lead but I can’t always do that.

(A) Trainer Tony Cruse says: This is a frustrating issue, often caused by other owners being unaware of their dog’s actions and not considering other owners. It is not fair for your dog, who can soon become frustrated at being on a lead while the other dog is free to play around him.

You can politely ask the other owner to recall their dog. Try not to get stressed and shout because your dog will pick up on it and believe there may be a problem. Ideally, happily say to your dog: ‘Hey, here comes another dog’ as you give him a few tasty treats (chicken is a good choice).

This tells your dog there is no issue and in fact, approaching dogs mean good things (snacks). Keep your dog’s lead as loose as possible which helps prevent stress and tension and try not to drag your dog away.

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