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How can I discourage my dog's licking?

How can I discourage my dog's licking?

(Q) I’ve got four small dogs and they all like licking. However, my Yorkie X Lhasa constantly licks anyone he can get to. If I tell him ‘No’, he stops but a second later he starts licking again. How can I discourage his licking?

(A) Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith says: Telling him not to lick is clearly not working and you need to avoid any techniques that could make him feel worried. Therefore, it would be best to teach him to perform another activity that is incompatible with licking. This is likely to involve not sitting on people’s laps or at their feet where temptation is high.

Teaching him to settle on his bed a short distance away is one option. He can have a chewy or a stuffed Kong or similar item to lick and chew instead. You will need to practise this regularly and make sure he learns that going to his bed is a very rewarding activity. You can then invite him to sit with you but you have an option for if/when the licking occurs.

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