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Help! Has my dog lost his toilet training?

Help! Has my dog lost his toilet training?

(Q) I have two dogs; a puppy called Bernard and Buster who is five years old. Buster has started to wee and poo in the house which he has never done before. It could be that Buster is getting it from Bernard as I am still house-training the pup.

(A) Trainer Tony Cruse says: It is likely that Buster has had his whole domestic routine turned upside-down with the arrival of your new puppy. This new situation can bring with it a level of anxiety, which may be showing itself as an apparent lack of toilet training. Buster could also be marking his territory by leaving his urine scent. This is common behaviour for an intact dog, especially when another dog is around. Either way, it is the arrival of the puppy which leaves Buster feeling uncertain.

To help Buster, ensure he has a safe haven. This is a place where he can escape to when he needs some calm time away from the puppy. 

For example, placing Buster’s bed in another room can give him some alone time and security. I would also suggest going back to basics with Buster and house-training him when you house-train the puppy. Ensure that both dogs visit the garden regularly and receive tasty treats the second after they have toileted.

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