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Coping with fireworks top tips


Useful tips

      • Create a little den for your dog so that he has somewhere to go when the fireworks start. If your dog does run away into a corner or go under a bed, leave him alone and don't try to coax him out.
      • On Bonfire Night take your dog on his evening walk early, before the bangs start. When you get home, close windows, draw curtains, and turn up the radio or TV to try to muffle out the sound of fireworks.
      • If your dog displays fearful behaviour, ignore him. Do not try to comfort him as this could encourage the behaviour and make it worse.
      • Try not to alter your behaviour. If you jump every time a firework goes off then it will only serve to frighten your pet.
      • Keep your dog occupied with simple training exercises or play some games to distract him from the noises.
      • If you are aware of a display being held near your home it may be worth putting him into kennels or asking friends and family, who live away from any displays, to look after him for the night.


Herbal Tablets

Scullcap and Valerian from Dorwest Herbs is a veterinary herbal medicine that can be given before fireworks night and continued for as long as needed to effectively relieve anxiety, nervousness, and excitability in pets. If your pet becomes very stressed during firework season it is best to start the tablets as soon as possible - anywhere between 10 days to three weeks. However, they are also effective if started on the day of the fireworks and should still help calm your dog.

A tip from Beaphar:

"In order for cats and dogs to be as relaxed as possible for the Firework season it would be advisable to fit a Beaphar Calming Collar. The collars are designed to keep cats and dogs feeling at ease during firework displays, together with reducing unwanted problem behaviour. Over a period of 30 days, the collar releases a substance called a 'pheromone' which helps calm cats and dogs in a natural way, resulting in calmer, happier, more sociable pets. Beaphar Serenity Tablets are another option which can aid in alleviating nervousness in cats and dogs associated with firework displays. For further information about the Beaphar Calming Collars or Beaphar Serenity Tablets please visit or call the Customer Care Team on 01440 715700."

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