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Seven types of dog owner we all know...

Dog owners, much like their furry friends, come in all shapes and sizes. How many of these do you recognise? And which one are you? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

1. The super-active dog owner

These owners just can't get enough of the dog activities — they run with their dog, go training multiple times a week, and have super-fit pooches. They are the envy of dog owners everywhere and nobody else can compete with their dedication and rosette collection.

2. The dog addict

One thing led to another and they now have a house full of dogs — having one simply wasn't enough. Although their house can sometimes be a bit chaotic and the dogs rule the roost, they wouldn't have it any other way.

3. The doppelgänger

The resemblance between dog and owner is uncanny! Whether they knew they looked like their dog when they got him, or there's some subconscious force at work, we all know at least one of these.

4. The social media poster

Their social media account is plastered with adorable pictures of their dog in every pose imaginable, they have taken many selfies with their pooch, and their pet even has his own Instagram account — everyone else is in awe of the thousands of followers that their dog has.

5. The adoring owner

This owner thinks their dog is the best and he can do no wrong. Every bit of bad behaviour is excusable and it's never the dog's fault (we are probably all guilty of this one!).

6. The volunteer

These owners don't just have their own dogs, but they help other dogs too. At weekends, you will find them helping out at their local dog shelter and raising money whenever they can to give to their favourite canine charity.

7. The pushover

Dogs of these owners are living the life of luxury — whatever they want, they get! These owners let their dogs share their bed, their dogs are allowed on the sofa, and their pet's every need is catered for — and why not!?