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Five ways to take the perfect picture of your dog

Take the perfect picture of your dog

Preserve those special memories by taking a brilliant photo of your canine companion.

1. Pick the right location

If your picture is indoors, place the dog in an area where there is natural light, such as by a window. Flash is best avoided as the image will often be unflattering. Heading outdoors gives you a choice of interesting backgrounds. Pick a day when there is good light, as this will make the image much crisper and easier to capture.

2. Picture type

For a photo of your dog on the go, you’ll need a fast shutter speed to capture the dog sharply in focus, while keeping the ISO rating low to avoid grainy shots. Do this outside on a bright day so you don’t have to worry about the light and make sure your camera is set on auto-focus. Then it’s all about timing your picture right. If you can’t use manual settings on your camera, switching it to sports or action mode may help. Taking an action picture on a phone is almost impossible, so choose to take portrait shots instead.

For a general picture, choose a nice background and try to get your dog to strike a pose. Make sure he stands out and is the main focus of the photo. You can easily do this using your camera phone. A head shot of your dog, which focuses on his eyes and blurs out the background, can work well too.

3. Find an assistant

While you take charge of the camera, get someone to help you set things up. Your friend can hold treats or wave a toy from behind the camera to get your dog to look towards it — just make sure your assistant is not in the shot!

4. Interesting angle

Try shooting from different angles to get a creative picture. Often you will have to get down to your dog’s level to get the best picture, so don’t be afraid to lie on the ground.

5. Be patient

You’ll rarely get the best photo at the first attempt. As long as your dog is happy, keep working at it and try different set-ups. To get your dog to look at the camera, vary the sounds; don’t just repeatedly call his name. You could try using a squeaker to get his attention. If you make it fun for your dog and he's enjoying himself, it will show in the photos.