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Epilepsy - fighting fits

Watching your dog have a fit is a scary experience. As well as experiencing shock and panic, owners can feel completely helpless as their pet struggles. For owners of epileptic dogs this is something they must get used to and try to manage. Many dogs have the condition — it is believed to be more common in dogs than in humans.

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Tick-borne diseases

Ticks are more than just an irritation to your dog — they can be a serious health risk too. These parasites can transmit diseases which, at worst, can be fatal to dogs and — although very rarely — humans. Cases of tick-borne diseases have reportedly been on the rise, and a study by Bristol University estimated there are 481 infected ticks per 100,000 dogs. 

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Heart failure

The heart is responsible for pumping blood around the body, ensuring all the other vital organs can function properly. So when the heart has a problem, it is serious. Dogs can be born with cardiac defects, or they can develop as they grow older. Problems can lead to sudden heart failure, but with careful monitoring and treatment dogs can live with some heart conditions for many years.

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Hip Dysplasia

Being told your dog has hip dysplasia is scary for any owner. The disease is known to be painful and can restrict your pet’s mobility but, if managed correctly, dogs with hip dysplasia can lead healthy and happy lives.

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Dental disease in dogs

Just imagine what your teeth would be like if you never brushed them! It’s not a pleasant thought is it? How about your own dog? Do you regularly check his teeth? Most humans look after their teeth. We visit a dentist reasonably regularly and brush/floss on at least a twice daily basis. Unfortunately in many cases our pets are not so lucky!

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Skin disease - more than just skin deep

Vet Roberta Baxter explains how skin disease in dogs can be complicated, with a combination of triggers and treatments. One of the most frustrating problems vets see in their consulting rooms is skin disease. Dogs seem particularly prone to developing skin problems and are frequently brought in because of itching, licking, hair loss, dandruff and sores.

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Obesity in dogs

"Is my dog too fat?" is a question that many dog owners ask themselves. We have all you need to know about obesity in dogs and how you can get your dog's weight under control.

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Worming your dog

Worms come in a variety of shapes and sizes — and your dog is bound to suffer from the parasites at some time. Being able to spot the signs of worms in dogs and knowing how to worm a dog will help keep your pet safe from these parasites.

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Arthritis - a joint approach

Vet Roberta Baxter explains how, with a combination of treatments, dogs who suffer from arthritis can still lead happy and active lives. The term arthritis covers a number of different diseases, all involving inflammation of one or more joints, which can cause pain and stiffness in affected dogs.

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Fleas on dogs — an indepth guide

That infernal parasite, the flea affects humans as much as pets. Most dogs are likely to suffer from fleas at some point in their lives. Traditionally, your pet is most likely to be bothered by these pests in spring and autumn, but in practice they can be an all year round problem, thanks to centrally heated houses with wall to wall carpeting.

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