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Why has my dog's coat changed colour?

Why has my dog's coat changed colour?

(Q) My three-year-old dog Drake, a German Shepherd X Rottweiler (or so we thought), has gone through an amazing transformation. The first picture is of him at about 12 weeks old. In July 2013 his coat began changing dramatically. It started with a few white spots on his face and over the past few months he has turned almost white. Every day a little more of the remaining grey hair is covered by white. The vet cannot find a medical reason for this change, but they did say at the practice that they had never seen such a dramatic transformation before. What do you think?

Why has my dog's coat changed colour?

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: These pictures are very interesting, and don’t represent any common condition. Drake has rapidly undergone a complete coat colour change.

Many animals grey a little as they get older, and some experience the development of patches of non-pigmented skin and hair due to vitiligo (a pigmentation disorder), but to change the whole coat gradually (as Drake has done) is very strange.

Biopsying affected areas is the only way I can think of to get more information regarding this condition. A referral to a canine skin specialist might also be helpful.

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