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Can you over-exercise a puppy?

It’s worth building up exercise levels gradually in young dogs as excessive or uncontrolled exercise in immature animals can cause damage to developing joints.

Can I give my dog tinned tuna?

Do you think your dog might not be eating because he's bored of his food? Thinking about giving him something different? Vet John Burns shares his advice. 

Is my dog double jointed?

Double jointedness is not normally an issue in dogs, however dogs often sit to one side if they have back, hip, or stifle pain on one side.

Should a healthy dog have a wet nose?

Mostly, dogs’ noses are wet, whether they are healthy or not, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Why is my dog reverse sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is commonly experienced by normal dogs, and is often of no consequence. However it can be more common in dogs with inflammation.

Where should my pet’s final resting place be?

Losing a much-loved pet is hard enough to cope with, without worrying about where their final resting place will be. Sue Corfield advises.

Should I give my dog apple cider vinegar?

There aren’t any proven health benefits in giving apple cider vinegar to dogs. Vet Roberta Baxter explains.

Why is my dog scooting?

Scooting and rubbing the bottom along the ground is an indication of discomfort under the tail, our experts explain.

Best hardwood flooring ideas for dogs

There are several things to consider when making a decision about the best hardwood flooring options for dogs. Read on to find out which option will suit your needs best.

Why has my dog's coat become dull?

Assuming all is well with your dog’s diet and the coat is well groomed, a bath with a good quality dog shampoo may give your dog his shine back, explains groomer Diana North.

Why does my dog have smelly breath?

Ever wondered why your dog's breath smells? The most common reason for smelly breath is gum disease or dental infections.

Help! My dog suffers with her paws and pads!

Vet Roberta Baxter explains that there are a number of conditions that can cause problems with the paws and nails.

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