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Feeding my new puppy

What are the most important considerations when feeding a puppy? How much should you feed them? Find out here.

Can I stop the build-up of wax in my dog's ears?

Does your dog suffer from wax in his ears? Without regular cleaning some dogs do build up wax in their ears - Roberta Baxter advises...

Can I groom my spaniel myself?

Do you own a Cocker Spaniel? Grooming expert Diana North offers her expertise on the correct way to groom your dog yourself and which grooming tools are best for the breed. 

Are acorns poisonous to dogs?

Remember — acorns can pose a threat to dogs. Acorns contain tannic acid, which is believed to be the toxic element of the nut and can cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

9 ways to help you spot muscle pain in your dog

If we told you that 45% of the dogs bodyweight is muscle, would that explain why keeping your dogs muscles in good working condition is the key to keeping them mobile, active and h [ ... ]

Is worming treatment causing my dog to fit?

It would be unusual for worming tablets to cause your dog to have seizures, unless there is an underlying problem...

Microchipping your dog

No one wants to lose their pet. But in the event that your dog does go missing, it is commonly agreed that the best chance of finding him is through a microchip – so much so that [ ... ]

Battersea Q&A: Is scent work ideal for my sniffer dog?

Expanding your best friend’s horizons — or in this case, his scent world — is a great idea, as Nathalie Ingham explains...

Introducing a new puppy

It's important that your dog is made to feel secure and happy with the new puppy arrives, says Claire Arrowsmith.

Become a dog blood donor

It's not just humans who can give blood and save lives — dogs can donate blood too.

Battersea Q&A: New Year's resolutions for your dog

Battersea canine welfare trainer Nathalie Ingham answers some questions on making some New Year resolutions with your dog.

10 tricks to give your dog the X-factor

With a little time and patience, all pet dogs can learn tricks to give them a little ‘X-factor sparkle’. Teaching tricks can also improve the bond between you, reduce boredom,  [ ... ]

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