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Help for haematoma

A haematoma can be very uncomfortable for your dog, and generally it is advisable to seek veterinary advice promptly.

Is my dog double jointed?

Double jointedness is not normally an issue in dogs, however dogs often sit to one side if they have back, hip, or stifle pain on one side.

Throw a party for your dog

Birthday cake, balloons, party games — celebrate your dog's birthday in style with a celebratory bash. It's a good opportunity for your pet to meet different dogs and for you bo [ ... ]

How can I get my dog to exercise?

Does your dog hate exercise? It could be down to something more than just laziness. Vet Roberta Baxter and trainer Elizabeth Kershaw share their thoughts.

Why is my dog moulting excessively?

Does your dog moult excessively? Are you constantly having to clean up the dog hair? Grooming expert Diana North says nutrition is the key.

Help! My puppy doesn't get on with my child!

Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith shares her advice on making your puppy feel more comfortable around your children.

Will acupuncture help my arthritic dog?

Acupuncture is an effective form of pain relief for arthritis and will stimulate the release of your dog's own natural internal painkillers to ease their joints. 

Battersea Q&A: How to help your dog enjoy Christmas

Christmas time should be a happy time for everyone, including your dog. Canine welfare trainer Nathalie Ingham gives 12 tips for the 12 days of Christmas...

My rescue dog can't be left alone

Rescue dogs can feel vulnerable and stressed if they have lost everything that was familiar to them, says Claire Arrowsmith... 

Why do dogs get hot spots?

There are lots of reasons why some dogs are more prone to skin disease such as hot spots, vet Roberta Baxter explains and shares her advice.

Things to consider before getting a dog

Far too many dogs end up in rescue when children come on the scene because their owners didn’t consider their future plans.

Help! My dog is refusing to go on a walk!

Problems with exercise tolerance can result from musculoskeletal problems such as joint pain and arthritis, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

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