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How can I help my puppy to calm down?

Teach your pup to settle down anywhere.

What's a dewclaw for?

The dewclaw is the fifth digit on the inner lower part of the front legs, but sometimes on the back legs too. 

Why is my dog reverse sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is commonly experienced by normal dogs, and is often of no consequence. However it can be more common in dogs with inflammation.

How to tell if your dog is overweight

Are you worried that your dog is overweight? Here are some top tips to help you get your dog's weight under control.

Battersea Q&A: My rescue dog won't eat!

There can be a number of different reasons why dogs won’t eat, and it may be advisable to seek the help of a behaviourist to determine exactly why...

Is my dog's long hair the cause of the gunk in his eyes?

Ever wondered if your dog's long hair is causing problems with his eyes? Groomer Diana North explains the issues long-haired dogs can face.

Why is my dog's stomach making gurgling noises?

Is your dog's tummy making unusual noises? Then it could be due to an upset digestive system which calls for changes to his diet, explains vet John Burns.

What's making my dog cough?

Most diseases involving coughing probably relate either to respiratory disease or heart disease, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Battersea Q&A: How can I manage my dog's moulting?

Most breeds of dog shed their fur twice a year, in spring and autumn. Some are hardly noticeable, but some create a furry avalanche.

Help! My dog suffers with her paws and pads!

Vet Roberta Baxter explains that there are a number of conditions that can cause problems with the paws and nails.

Will washing my dog too regularly damage her coat?

Over bathing can affect the natural oils which protect the coat and skin. Groomer Diana North gives her advice.

'Tis the season to ensure your dog has a healthy diet

Traditionally Christmas is a time for feasting and it’s down to our willpower how much we indulge and stray from a healthy diet. But our pets have no say in what they’re given  [ ... ]

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