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My dog has an unusual growth - what could it be?

It’s always important to get your vet to check any skin mass that comes up suddenly, as skin growths can be due to a number of different causes.

Could dementia be putting my dog off her food?

Our experts share their advice on how important it is for dogs to eat well in old age.

Should I get one or two dogs?

Want to bring a second dog into your home? Then you need to consider the impact on your current pet, explains Jackie Drakeford.

Things to consider before getting a dog

Far too many dogs end up in rescue when children come on the scene because their owners didn’t consider their future plans.

Is grass safe for my dog to eat?

Lots of dogs graze on grass and other plants. Sometimes grass appears to act as an emetic, and will be seen vomited up.

How long will my dog's lameness last?

Some injuries can take time to heal , vet Roberta Baxter explains.

Why is my dog scared of feathers?

A dog’s senses are so acute that they can sensitise to features that we can’t understand, behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith explains.

Coping with Cushing's disease

Cushing’s disease, or hyperadrenocorticism, is a disease that involves over-production of the body’s natural steroid hormones from the adrenal glands.

How to help your dog cope at Christmas

Christmas can be tiring for both you and your dog, but make the festive period trouble free with our top tips.

How long should I feed my dog puppy food?

Whether a puppy food is suitable for adults depends on the formulation, our experts share their thoughts.

Battersea Q&A: How to help your dog enjoy Christmas

Christmas time should be a happy time for everyone, including your dog. Canine welfare trainer Nathalie Ingham gives 12 tips for the 12 days of Christmas...

What is my dog scared of?

Has your dog been spooked by something, but you can't figure out what? Behaviourists Steve Goward and Claire Arrowsmith share their answers...

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