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Top 10 mistakes puppy owners make

Trainer Carolyn Menteith reveals the most common mistakes people make when they get a new puppy.

Walkies? It’s time for something completely different

There’s more to exercising your dog than a stroll in the park. Tesco Bank Pet Insurance and expert advisors, vetfone® suggest doggie workouts that will make tails wag with joy.  [ ... ]

Is my dog double jointed?

Double jointedness is not normally an issue in dogs, however dogs often sit to one side if they have back, hip, or stifle pain on one side.

Is my dog too fat?

There are many studies looking at the levels of obesity in pets, but a good estimate is that about 40 per cent of the UK pet dog population is overweight or obese.

Are there any natural cures for incontinence?

There are several homeopathic remedies that can effectively stop the signs of incontinence, says Holly Mash.

What causes my dog to become stressed?

The modern world stresses out our pets. Trainer and behaviourist Carol Price explains the causes and effects of stress in dogs...

Battersea Q&A: What should I get my rescue dog for Christmas?

Has your rescue dog been well-behaved this year? Are you wanting to give him some extra special gifts this Christmas to show him how much you love him? Nathalie Ingham shares some  [ ... ]

Feeding my new puppy

What are the most important considerations when feeding a puppy? How much should you feed them? Find out here.

What are the risks of bloat?

Bloat, or gastric dilation, can follow fermentation of food in the stomach, which causes swelling of the abdomen.

Choosing a new puppy or dog this New Year?

New Year is traditionally a time for looking ahead and often starting something new. You may find that now’s the perfect time for getting a dog. To help it all go smoothly, it’ [ ... ]

Help - my puppy hates bathtime!

Grooming expert Diana North offers advice on how to get your puppy used to being bathed and brushed...

My puppy doesn't play with toys when he's alone

Does your puppy play with his toys when he is in your company, but chew household items instead when he is left alone? Our experts offer their advice...

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