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Should I have my dog clipped?

Groomer, Diana North gives her advice on looking for a groomer who will listen sympathetically to your dog’s story and plan a trim accordingly.

Can I help my dog's sudden blindness?

Is your dog losing his sight? Are you worried that he isn't happy and that he might struggle to cope? Our experts offer their advice and explain that dogs actually cope very well w [ ... ]

Which diet should I choose for my dog?

BARF (bones and raw food) diets can give health benefits, but so too can high-quality prepared foods - as John Burns advises...

Things to consider before getting a dog

Far too many dogs end up in rescue when children come on the scene because their owners didn’t consider their future plans.

Can I feed my dog a mixed diet of raw and prepared food?

Are you thinking about including raw food in your dog's diet, but aren't sure whether to mix it with his prepared food? Vet John Burns shares his advice.

Is my dog too fat?

There are many studies looking at the levels of obesity in pets, but a good estimate is that about 40 per cent of the UK pet dog population is overweight or obese.

Will washing my dog too regularly damage her coat?

Over bathing can affect the natural oils which protect the coat and skin. Groomer Diana North gives her advice.

Is my dog's new flea treatment safe to use?

Has your vet changed your dog's flea treatment? Vet Roberta Baxter shares her advice on the safety and effectiveness of flea treatments.

Throw a party for your dog

Birthday cake, balloons, party games — celebrate your dog's birthday in style with a celebratory bash. It's a good opportunity for your pet to meet different dogs and for you bo [ ... ]

How to care for your dog after a vet visit

Many owners are surprised when told that after their dog’s surgery they should not allow any off-lead running for at least 10 days. There should be no excessive activity and gent [ ... ]

How much exercise does my dog need?

Exercise provides stimulation, builds fitness and muscle strength, and helps cement the bond between pet and owner.

Why does my puppy eat his poo?

Coprophagia always evokes horror in owners. The truth is that most puppies will engage in the activity at some stage...

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