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Is my dog trying to talk to me?

Does your dog's bark sometimes sound like he's trying to tell you something? Or just wants to say hello? Behaviourist Steve Goward shares his thoughts.

Easy does it. Ways to keep your dog out of mischief

Whether you’re awaiting the arrival of a new puppy or already have an older dog, you’ll all be happier if you’ve made your home and garden dog-friendly.

Can I have a dog if I work full-time?

Ever wondered if you can successfully combine a career with dog ownership? Working and owning a dog is feasible.

Is lack of exercise making my dog constipated?

It is true that a reduction in exercise can contribute to constipation, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Is worming treatment causing my dog to fit?

It would be unusual for worming tablets to cause your dog to have seizures, unless there is an underlying problem...

Is my dog double jointed?

Double jointedness is not normally an issue in dogs, however dogs often sit to one side if they have back, hip, or stifle pain on one side.

Why has my dog developed a twitch?

Has your dog suddenly developed a twitch? Vet Roberta Baxter explains that a number of causes can exist for a dog developing a twitch.

Will washing my dog too regularly damage her coat?

Over bathing can affect the natural oils which protect the coat and skin. Groomer Diana North gives her advice.

Can I give my dog a probiotic drink?

Most digestive problems can be resolved by the correct diet so it would be better to look at that rather than a supplement, Vets John Burns and Roberta Baxter explain.

Is my dog in mourning?

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that animals who live within a tightly bonded group in the way dogs do, will go through a process akin to mourning when a companion dies.

What should I do with my dog's poo?

There's no avoiding it, so what do you do with your dog's poo? Elaine Everest comes up with some ideas.

Help! My dog is scared of spot-on!

Having to apply medication is not a nice experience for anyone, especially your dog. Vet Roberta Baxter gives her advice on how to overcome the problem.

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