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Tibetan Terrier Breed Profile

Tibetan Terrier fact file

KC Group: utility
Size: medium
Good with children?: yes recommended
Exercise requirement: moderate
Good guard dogs?: would bark
Moulting level: low
Grooming: lots
Jogging partner: yes

A lovely all round family dog. Loyal, alert, playful and a clown all in one! There are no 'terrier' instincts in the Tibetan... in fact they are classified as a Utility dog.

Tibetan Terrier Character

Cheerful, alert, a great playmate and a brilliant watch dog. Historically considered lucky by Buddhist monks, the Tibetan Terrier has fitted into a modern day family's life with ease. They are brilliant companions for old and young, can be obedience trained to high levels and are loyal it their family.

Tibetan Terrier Size

Small to medium. The Breed Standard stipulates the height at shoulder for dogs as 36-41cm, bitches slightly smaller.

Tibetan Terrier Health

A healthy dog with very few breed-specific problems.

Tibetan Terrier Special Care

Can be prone to separation anxiety.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.