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Boxer Breed Profile

Boxer fact file

KC Group: Working
Size: Large
Good with children?: Yes
Exercise requirement: Lots
Good guard dogs?: Possibly
Moulting level: Low
Grooming: Little
Jogging partner: Yes

Carrying himself with a self-assured nature and exhibiting great strength and poise, the Boxer needs firm handling and effective early socialization in order to contain their over-excitable character traits.

Boxer Character

Described as an active and fun breed, the Boxer retains an almost puppy-like attitude through much of its life making it an ideal family pet. They thrive in busy, active households where they receive plenty of stimulation. They will also show great loyalty to their family and exhibit strong guarding instincts.

Boxer Size

Dogs should measure between 57-63cm and weigh no more than 32kg, whilst bitches should be between 53-59cm and weigh up to 27kg

Boxer Health

Bloat and heart disorders are both relatively common in Boxers. Their excitable and interested nature makes them prone to the occasional accident!

Boxer Special Care

As with the Boston Terrier, the short muzzle of the Boxer makes it prone to suffer in excessively hot or cold conditions.

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