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Treating ticks in dogs


How do I treat ticks?

  • Go through your dog’s coat carefully and thoroughly after each walk.
  • Remover any ticks straight away.
  • Use a specific tick removal tool to get rid of any ticks.


  • In terms of prevention, the most effective preventative treatments for ticks are fipronil (such as FRONTLINE® Spot On), although there are others too.
  • A spot-on is undoubtedly the most effective formulation for flea and tick products, though Frontline also comes in a spray formulation which kills ticks. Insecticidal shampoos tend to be ineffective so if you wish to use an alternative to a spot-on discuss it with your vet.
  • Remember to treat for ticks all year round too, as with changes to our climate, ticks are now a year round problem. 

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